Blair De Fazio

“My main objective is to achieve maximum client satisfaction with minimum amount of fuss”.
Customer service has been a major focus for Blair, from working in family owned restaurants throughout Melbourne Blair brings to the team a high level of enthusiasm and dedication and aims to provide her clients with the highest level of service at all times.
Beginning her real estate journey with a respected agency in inner Melbourne, Blair has always had a passion for real estate. Over the past decade, Blair has provided her clients with a  professional, personalised service with the aim of achieving the best outcomes as well as customer satisfaction.
She welcomes existing and new clients to contact her for a free, no obligation appraisal for any of your Wodonga investment properties.
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Carol McIntyre

I have had a number of properties with Wodonga Real Estate for close to 17 years now and I would just like to say that the team they have there now are the best I have dealt with since joining them. Blair DeFazio and her team have never disappointed. I feel they are really looking after my interests, they are quick to respond and always professional. They haven't missed a beat during this trying year and I look forward to our continued partnership. If you are looking for someone to manage your property without any stress then look no further. Your investment deserves the best management you can get.

William Edwards

I chose WODONGA REAL ESTATE in the person of BLAIR DE FAZIO to manage my property and I'm more than satisfied with this choice. Of course it saves me the hassle of dealing with tenants during the term of their lease and the work involved in looking for new tenants at the expiry of a lease. This in itself is so worthwhile but I'm more than lucky with having Blair as my point of reference. She has been looking after my interests for a couple of years now and, right from the start, established a personal relationship with me, so I feel I can speak to her and consult her on matters that arise at any time. From past experience, I know I can trust her to give me the best advice and to inform me in a timely manner when things need attending to. She carries out regular inspections and so keeps an eye on the situation. So far, Blair has interviewed and chosen excellent tenants and seems to always establish a good rapport with them. I should add that Blair is the mother of two beautiful boys and, when she has had maternity leave, the colleagues from WRE who have filled in for her have also been excellent go-betweens. I hope my relationship with Blair continues.

Blair De Fazio

Property Management Specialist

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